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The 4H’s

Our Principles

We use a set of simple, time-tested principles that have been a part of doing business from day one, that were defined by the character of our founders, Jim and Wilma Vannoy. Our “4H’s” direct and reflect how we approach our clients, their projects, and what you can expect in a working relationship with us.



We use the word “honor” as both a noun and verb. Honor describes the code by which we live and work. It’s why we voluntarily go the extra mile. With our family name on the business, we cannot, nor will not, conduct ourselves any other way.



Our attitude originates from our humble beginnings in the mountains of North Carolina and makes us who we are today. We understand customers are looking to pursue their business objectives and not just build for the sake of construction. Vannoy is an important partner in realizing their goals, but certainly not the focus.



Vannoy culture is synonymous with “high-country hospitality” and genuine concern for people. Our history of care and provision for those in need is a longstanding tradition. Our client friendships are testimonies to the attitude of treating people like family.



Construction is a tough, unforgiving business. Our drive is to accommodate clients at every level of what we do. We pride ourselves on being quick in both decision and action. Our track record is littered with numerous examples of the hustle necessary to minimize the time it takes to get projects built.