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What we do

Vannoy Construction builds complex projects to meet clients’ specific needs and expectations. We understand that building a project is a human enterprise, and we treat our clients like family through the entire process. From the beginning to the end of your project, Vannoy Construction is right along side you demonstrating the 4-H’s we live and work by.

Approaches We Use

Trusted Stewards of Your Money


Vannoy Construction is a leading provider of budget development and budget management services. Our in-house professionals are experts at providing our clients what they need during the design phase of their facility. We are here to make sure you get the best value for your dollar. Preconstruction is not just about the numbers, but about the relationships. We work with our clients to mitigate potential issues before construction begins.

Quality Construction Safely Executed

Vannoy CM at Risk

We work together with our clients through the construction process to produce a functionally and financially viable project. Our quality control process begins on day one and is closely monitored through the life of the project. Our staff is intimately familiar with the managerial and operational steps of project execution and control, and our 4-H’s guide each and every decision in a safe manner on behalf of our clients.

Dependable Results in a Repetitive Environment

Vannoy consistency

Vannoy Construction works with multiple clients providing Program Management services ensuring that results are consistent and efficient while allowing innovative ideas to be examined and incorporated into the overall delivery process.

True Builders at Heart

Vannoy Project Management
If the situation calls for it, Vannoy Construction self performs several services such as site, concrete, masonry, drywall, ceilings, and rough and finish carpentry. Self performance keeps the project on schedule while driving a clean, safe, and efficient job site.

In-House Sitework Division Leads to Money Saved

Vannoy Site Work

Our fully equipped in-house Sitework Division allows Vannoy Construction to provide very competitive pricing, as well as protect the timeline of the entire project. Ensuring value not only through pricing, performance, and schedule, but through our in-depth knowledge of site construction.

Transporting You to Success

Vannoy Construction is well versed in the day-to-day demands of the heavy/highway construction business. Our experience is proven through some of the largest and complex projects in Western North Carolina.

Tools We Use

Safety… Early, Often and Everywhere

Safety is our top priority and Vannoy uses many tools to track, record, and report safety on our projects. An example of empowering everyone on site to act as a safety officer, is to post signs with QR codes for easy access to a safety observation form. That form immediately alerts our team to quickly mitigate any issues.

Ubiquitous Document Management

For more than managing documents, Vannoy utilizes PROCORE.


From Precon to Closeout the cloud-based system leverages Full Project Team collaboration with built-in Quality Control measures through accurate project data, supporting information, and up to the second reporting features.


PROCORE provides a project “health report” dashboard for instant access to outstanding tasks for the over-all project as well as individual tasks that are currently in your court with all the information you need to properly execute that specific task. This allows us to react at the speed-of-change.

Accurate As-Built Laser Scans

Laserscanning allows Vannoy the checks and balances needed for accurate preconstuction, as well as field modifications. With the ability to frequently scan and update drawings and models ,we can ensure a complete and precise final as-built.

Integrated VDC and Clash Detection

Vannoy empowers its project teams with the training and skills needed to manage and coordinate construction models for clash detection, quality control, and constructability.


Our technology driven approach allows us the scalability and flexibility needed for complex, schedule driven projects.

On-Demand Virtual and Physical Mock-ups


Vannoy has the ability to quickly and easily create virtual mock-ups in-house for walk-throughs, constructability models, design options, or any other type of visual communication needed to further explain complex detail. Through virtual mock-ups our clients are able to look at multiple alternatives with high level of detail, with very little setup and less cost than physical mock-ups.


Vannoy also offers fully immersed Virtual Reality environments for design options, furniture selection, solar analysis of lighting and shadows, building material options, end-user training and much more.

Physical mock-ups give the design team, subcontractors, and owners a real-world example of the materials in their space. In addition, it allows future tenants to get a first hand look and feel of the space for user feedback. This can also provide a end user training, equipment vendor options and lighting test space.

Both virtual and physical mock-ups allow the construction team to identify and address potential issues up-front; therefore, preventing impacts to budgets and schedules.

Advanced Drone Tech

Vannoy Construction DroneAerial

Drone technology allows Vannoy to quickly and easily capture aerial photography for safety, QA/QC, progress photos, 3D site scanning and more. By using drones we are able to provide a comprehensive picture how the project is progressing and highlight how a slowdown in one area may affect the entire project; as well as spot unsafe conditions in areas that cannot be seen from the ground.


Vannoy utilizes the latest in advanced 3D photogrammetry to analyze typography data from a detailed fly over by one of our certified commercial drone pilots.

Vannoy Construction Drone Tech

Smart Jobsites

Smart Sites

Vannoy outfits its construction sites with high-speed internet, large viewing monitors, and powerhouse computers for running large and complex building information models, giving anyone the access they need to any project information. We believe this access to information allows our project teams to execute quicker and with better accuracy.